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Tenant welfare and property protection are essential to all multifamily communities. Below are just a few benefits of KeyTrak’s Multifamily Plus system, which features enhanced key and asset management capabilities that give property owners and managers greater control over their properties than ever before.

Improve tenant satisfaction

Our multifamily management software, called Multifamily Plus, helps you organize and track your property’s keys and assets while increasing tenant satisfaction and protecting your property from liability risks. It includes features such as work order tracking and tenant email notifications when keys to specific apartments have been checked out.

Package Tracking made easy

package track

Our PackageTrak feature helps you handle package deliveries more efficiently and cut down on misplaced deliveries.

Utilizing a handheld barcode scanner and a digital signature capture pad, PackageTrak allows you to automatically generate a verifiable audit trail. From the moment a carrier drops off a package to the time it is picked up by the recipient, the KeyTrak system logs every step, protecting your business from liability and ensuring that recipients get their packages in a timely manner.

Prioritize and track work order progress

The KeyTrak work order tool can be used to organize and manage maintenance requests. It tracks what is being worked on, who is working on what, the supplies and parts needed and used in each work order, and the parts and supplies inventory. This helps maintenance staff prioritize requests and ensure the necessary parts will be on hand when needed.

Work Order Tracking

Automate prospect and resident data Entry

OCR License Scanner

With our OCR license scanner, you can quickly capture a prospect’s contact information. You can then use the record to track what type of living space the prospect is looking for, what they were shown, where they heard about you and much more. Next, import the data into the built-in letter generator to automatically create a customized follow-up letter.

National Suppliers Council Member

KeyTrak is proud to be a National Suppliers Council (NSC) member. The NSC is made up of members of the National Apartment Association (NAA) and is composed of individuals or businesses who service, supply or otherwise deal with rental housing and other businesses or institutions who are interested in the promotion of the rental housing industry.

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Integration with Property Management Software and KeyTrak have partnered to enable a seamless integration between systems. Through the integration, key transactions are instantly communicated to, enabling automatic email notifications to residents regarding keys given out or checked back in. Management is provided with comprehensive reporting about KeyTrak transactions through the management console.

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