Key Systems Background

Key Systems

Innovative Security

Key Systems continues to develop and improve its secure, user-friendly key management system. The systems are highly secure and easy to use for front-end sales.

The striking black and silver steel cabinet provides a modern addition to any facility or showroom. The cabinet protects keys from unauthorized access by requiring security codes. The system consists of a robotic central storage center and key boxes. The latest model, KAM5, comes in versions that can hold 200, 300 or 406 keys.

The robotic, central storage carousel securely holds the key boxes.

Net Express and Web Express

KeySystems Networking with Net Express

Net Express is a powerful networking tool that links any number of KAMs with authorized PCs. Using this connectivity technology, the KAM5 can be integrated into a business's existing network.

Working alongside Net Express, Web Express lets users search for keys and managers run reports, check system access and complete other tasks from their desks. This eliminates the need for a dedicated KAM PC, saving space and avoiding extra hardware. In addition, Web Express allows Key Systems administrators to add users and key information at any PC with a Key Systems label maker and/or Key Systems fingerprint reader, further increasing flexibility.

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Touchscreen Interface

KeySystems Touchscreen

The KAM5 features a 17-inch color touchscreen. This addition provides convenience, allowing users a simple, quick key checkout.

High-Security Design

Security Cabinet

The steel cabinet protects keys from unauthorized access by requiring user authentication. The KAM5 consists of a robotic central storage center and key boxes encased inside the steel cabinet.

Fingerprint Reader

fingerprint reader

The KAM5 features a biometric fingerprint reader built into the front of every unit. This fingerprint reader provides increased security and improves reporting accuracy by eliminating shared login information. In addition to being secure, the built-in reader also gives users easy and quick access to the system while maintaining control and accountability.