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The KeyTrak Guardian provides high-security key and asset management for businesses interested in reducing inventory costs and protecting themselves from liability. Perfect for loaner car keys and expensive specialty tools, the Guardian is a flexible and modular system that can evolve with your needs. From total lockdown 40-key secure panels to 5-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch locker panels to quick access key drawers, the Guardian will meet all of your key and asset control requirements.

If you manage fewer keys and want to avoid purchasing space you do not need, we offer the Guardian Versatile SmartPanel (VSP), which combines a SmartPanel and a 24-key panel into one unit. The VSP can be expanded by adding additional key modules or lockers.

The Guardian offers a total security solution, combining the physical security of having each key or locker individually locked and the mental security that comes from knowing where your keys and assets are at all times.

Expandable to fit your needs

The Guardian is a customizable, modular security solution that enables users to manage multiple assets. One SmartPanel can be customized to manage several security modules simultaneously. Choose from any combination of secure key panels, locker panels and standard KeyTrak drawers. That means that one system can be used for high-security key control, long-term key issue and control of small- and medium-sized assets.

Modular Expandability


email reports

Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily track all aspects of the Guardian system, giving you a more complete picture of activity at your company and providing you with peace of mind. To keep the process convenient and streamlined, all Guardian reports can be run automatically and sent directly to your email address. The moment a key or asset is removed from a drawer, a verifiable audit trail is automatically created, protecting your business and employees from liability.

With the Auto Run Report and Email Reports features of the Guardian software, it has never been easier to stay informed about the status of your facility’s valuable keys and assets. This feature allows the administrator to set up any report to run automatically and then be instantly emailed to one or more recipients.

For instance, a Keys Out report may be set to auto-run at 5 p.m. every day. It can then be automatically emailed to members of management so they can instantly know if any keys are missing at the end of a shift.


web plus

With Web Plus, all Guardian administrative and reporting functions can be accessed by any PC with a network or Internet connection to the SmartPanel. Administrators can add new users, change access levels, create reports and more, all from a desktop or laptop PC.

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Guardian offers a wide range of features that can be combined to fit your specific security needs and give you peace of mind.

40-Key Panel

The 40-key secure panel provides total lockdown security for up to 40 keys or sets of keys. Keys are secured to the panel with tamper-resistant solid stainless steel rings. These rings are attached to special high-security steel keys that are then safely locked in the panel. When a user logs in to check out a key, only the key or keys in their specific access level are unlocked. The other keys remain securely locked in the panel, eliminating the possibility of a user taking a key they are not authorized to access.

40-key secure panel

In addition to unbeatable security, the Guardian’s 40-key panel also offers a high degree of flexibility. The capacity of the panel can be customized to fit the needs of any facility. The panel may be purchased with a capacity for eight keys. As the needs of the business grow, capacity may be added to the panel, up to 40 keys. After that, additional key panels can be added to the system.

Locker Modules

Any type of asset that will fit in the locker can be tracked (radios and weapons, for example). Users can be granted access to a single locker or series of lockers and cannot open a locker they are not authorized to use, which allows for total control of assets.

Locker modules are available in three sizes: 5 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch.

Each 5-inch locker module consists of 20 individually controlled lockers, each measuring 5" W x 5" H x 7" D. These lockers are the perfect size for cellphones, PDAs or small personal articles.

5-inch lockers
12-inch lockers

The 12-inch locker module consists of four individually controlled lockers, each measuring 12" W x 12" H x 7" D. This size makes them well suited for larger items such as radios, pistols, tools or small laptops.

The 15-inch locker module contains eight lockers, each measuring 5" W x 15" H x 7" D. Because of its height, this size locker can accommodate long, narrow items. You can also choose to add an optional shelf to the 15-inch lockers for efficient storage of smaller objects.

Color Touchscreen

The Guardian’s large 15-inch color touchscreen makes the system user friendly. Coupled with an intuitive user interface, this makes the Guardian easy to use and cuts down on training time.

Motion-Activated Video Camera

The Guardian features an integrated, motion-activated video camera that is discreetly mounted on the front of the SmartPanel. Since the camera is motion activated, anyone checking a key out, accessing lockers or even standing in front of the panel will be recorded. No activity will go untraced.

The video camera features an adjustable motion sensitivity threshold, allowing the camera to be fine-tuned to filter out unrelated foot traffic near the unit. The high-resolution camera records clear, full-color videos at 30 frames per second for smooth playback.

guardian camera

Integrated Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint reader

Each system comes with a biometric fingerprint reader built into the front of the SmartPanel to combine high security with quick access. In conjunction with the motion-activated video camera, the fingerprint reader eliminates the temptation for users to share passwords, ensuring the integrity of the audit trail for any keys or assets secured in the system.

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