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Large and growing businesses are requiring more and more keys, making an effective key management solution a must. Building managers can be quickly overwhelmed by the responsibilities of distributing keys to on-shift employees and tracking the use of keys by off-shift employees. Add in maintenance, janitorial and security personnel, and the number of people needing access to keys at any given time quickly rises. Similarly, fleet managers need to make sure that the right people are checking out keys to company cars for the right reasons.

With KeyTrak Guardian, you can electronically organize and distribute keys to specific individuals, only granting access to the keys that person is authorized for — keeping your building and auto fleet secure.


We offer secure login options to control users’ access to the Guardian system, including the built-in biometric fingerprint reader.

For added security, the Guardian allows you to create a multi-factor authentication process using a combination of fingerprints, passwords and fobs. You can also require dual login requirements, where more than one employee must be involved in a transaction.

Fingerprint reader

Extensive Reporting

KeyTrak's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily keep track of all checked-out keys, giving you a more complete picture of activity at your office and providing you with peace of mind. Daily email reports let you to track all day-to-day changes, while the custom reporting tool can be used to generate custom reports at an interval you decide.

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