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Wondering how KeyTrak key control systems work? This video provides an overview of how each of our solutions helps protect you from liability and provide you with peace of mind by creating a 100 percent automatic verifiable audit trail.


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Choosing the right key control vendor is almost as important as selecting the right system. For an in-depth look at KeyTrak as a company, watch this video. You’ll meet some of our staff, see how we engineer our solutions in-house and more.

White papers

Automotive Best Practices image

Automotive Best Practices

Running a car dealership is tough business, and the last thing you want to worry about is keeping track of all the keys for the cars on your lot. When you get your employees to follow KeyTrak’s best practices guidelines, you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on making that next sale.

6 common key control mistakes

Six Common Key Control Mistakes

Many multifamily property owners face security issues that raise liability concerns regarding the protection of their tenants’ keys. Unfortunately, the key security practices they use don’t always provide adequate key control. This paper addresses six common key control mistakes that property owners make when implementing a key management system.

Multifamily best practices

Multifamily Best Practices

Apartment and multifamily housing managers take on a lot of responsibility. Making sure you know who has access to your keys is an important step to keeping your residents safe. When everyone follows KeyTrak’s best practices guidelines, you can keep tabs on who has your keys.

K-12 Key Control

K-12 Key Control: Closing the Security Gaps

Due to recent events across the country, many K-12 schools are updating current security policies and procedures, as well as implementing new ones. Although many schools have tight security policies, putting them into practice is sometimes a challenge — especially when it comes to key control. In this white paper, you’ll discover the top weaknesses in K-12 key management practices and how to improve them.

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Five Reasons You Need Tighter Key Control image

Five Reasons You Need Tighter Key Control

The more lines of defense you can put between a thief and your vehicles, the better. Securing your keys is a good first step, but simple lockboxes or back-room peg boards won't be enough to stop determined thieves. A more secure solution would be a key and inventory management system that limits access to authorized individuals and automatically provides an audit trail of key checkouts.