KeyTrak Engage


We’ve found that support and training are easier to understand when you can speak with someone face to face — that’s why we created the Engage program.

If you’re covered by an active maintenance agreement, you’ll receive access to our Engage program at no additional cost. Engage connects you to a consultant via webcam (provided by us) so you can get the most effective training possible on your KeyTrak system.

The consultations are designed to ensure you’re using your system to its full potential. Our consultants analyze how you use the system and construct a presentation to address your specific needs. The Engage program currently targets the following areas:

  • Adding and editing checkout reasons
  • How to add users and set up user profiles
  • Using the online manual
  • Utilizing Web Plus
  • Running reports


Checkout Reasons

This consultation covers the use of checkout reasons and how they can benefit your business. We’ll show you how checkout reasons increase the quality of information that KeyTrak provides by covering several reports that utilize them. We’ll also show you how to customize reasons to fit your business.

Users and User Profiles

This class serves as a refresher on users and user profiles. It covers each aspect of adding a user and user profile to allow you to make informed decisions on how you want different employees to access the KeyTrak machine.

Online Support Manual

We’ll demonstrate how you can use the online manual to find walkthroughs of common procedures and informative documents on different topics, like individual reports. You’ll also learn how to print documents or save specific topics for quick access.

Web Plus

This consultation shows the versatility of Web Plus for managing a business. You’ll learn how to pull reports on demand, how to track employee working hours and how to easily complete data entry tasks through the system.

Time Clock

You'll learn how to effectively use KeyTrak to keep track of the hours employees work. We'll show you how to edit time clock entries, add holidays and sick days, and export information from the system.


This consultation provides an overview of available reports in KeyTrak so you know the depth of reporting you can experience with your system. This course focuses heavily on the Items Out by User report, Tag Inventory report and Custom Reports.

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