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Pinpoint the Location of Any Car on Your Lot

Are you tired of delaying test drives and losing sales because you can’t quickly find cars on your lot? The ActiveLot system allows you to find the car you’re looking for the moment you check out keys from the KeyTrak system. You can even use our ActiveLot app on your iPhone or iPad!

The ActiveLot system was created to save dealers time and money by minimizing lost sales caused by the inability to efficiently locate vehicles for test drives.

mobile appThe ActiveLot system enables you to:

  • Pinpoint any car’s location on the lot.
  • Better manage inventory aging and placement.
  • Search for vehicles by make, model, year, color, body style, condition, cylinder type, mileage, stock number or VIN.
  • Receive text and email alerts when a car is off the lot after business hours.

The ActiveLot system also saves you money by:

  • Providing an instant, accurate record of all vehicles, eliminating the need to perform vehicle inventories using the conventional method of walking the lot with a scanner.
  • Offering built-in fuel consumption reporting features to help you lower fuel costs.
  • Giving your employees time to focus on tasks other than constantly checking to see if vehicles need to be refueled or recharged.
  • Identifying improper employee behavior, such as using vehicles for joy rides, extended demos or even personal errands.

With better inventory management practices and easier access to vehicles, you can improve your closing rates and increase your profits.

Bourne's ActiveLot Video Bourne’s Auto Center Success Story

Today’s auto buyers want to get in and out of the dealership as quickly as possible. Watch how Bourne’s Auto Center uses the ActiveLot vehicle tracking system to help employees send customers on more test drives in less time.

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